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dc.contributor.authorÇevik, Kadriye
dc.description.abstractThe general aim of this research is to describe the present status and put forward the problems in period of to get adaptation to orientation guidelines and collaboration-coordination in orientation activities based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences at second grade of elementary education. The research was made based on descriptive research model. In the research directors’, school guidance teachers’ and branch teachers’ opinions were applied. In addition; according to the variables mentioned in individual features, it was explored whether there were meaningful differences between the opinions of directors, school guidance teachers and branch teachers in period of “collaboration and coordination” and “to get adaptation to orientation guidelines” in orientation activities. The population and the sample of the research was made up of total 537 people: 75 directors, 439 branch teachers and 23 school guidance teachers- at 22 elementary schools having guidance teachers in Bal kesir in 2005-2006 education-instruction term. Total 443 questionnaires returned. Data analyses were done using SPSS 12.0 packet programme. According to conclusions of the research; Communication and collaboration between directors and teachers aren’t enough. Adequate and comprehensible in-service training about the theory of multiple intelligences isn’t given to the teachers. So, the teachers have no adequate information about orientation activities based on multiple intelligences. In addition, opinions concerning the dimensions of “to get adaptation to collaboration-coordination and orientation guidelines”, no meaningful difference was found between the opinions of directors and teachers according to any variables.en_US
dc.publisherAfyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi, Kuramsal Eğitimbilim Dergisien_US
dc.subjectİlköğretim İkinci Kademeen_US
dc.subjectMeslekî Rehberliken_US
dc.subjectMeslekî Yönlendirmeen_US
dc.subjectÇoklu Zekâ Kuramen_US
dc.subjectİlköğretimde Yöneltme Yönergesien_US
dc.titleİlköğretimde Çoklu Zekâ Kuramına Dayalı Yönlendirme Etkinliklerinde İşbirliği ve Uyum Boyutlarında Karşılaşılan Sorunlaren_US
dc.title.alternativeThe Problems In Collaboration And Adaptation Of Orientation Activities Based On The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences In Elementary Educationen_US
dc.relation.journalKuramsal Eğitimbilim Dergisien_US
dc.departmentBalıkesir Üniversitesien_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryMakale - Ulusal Hakemli Dergi - Kurum Yayınıen_US

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